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How Does Web Design Help Improve Your Business?

Mobile First

Since the majority of the revenue today come via mobile devices, designers and developers are creating more websites with a mobile-first approach. To ensure a good UX on these smaller screens, it’s important for developers/designers who work in web development or design to have experience designing these websites as they will be essential when developing an app-based web site which needs special attention given its small size. This includes fast load times since many users log on to their smartphones to check email during lunch break.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

April showers are the time to bloom, this is the reason we’re seeing an increase in the use of rounded corners and more vibrant colors on websites. Like form inputs and avatars on profiles backgrounds aren’t limited to 90deg angles. Instead, they could be fascinating from different angles. This can help users remain engaged for longer lengths of time. Your website must be in line with current fashions to increase trust between you and potential customers. This will encourage customers to buy from you, but also to recommend your services, which will enhance sales in a massive way.

More Animations and Interactions

JQuery and other web technologies are helping to make animated websites more well-known. These scripts can turn your website into a reading platform that can read printed text. They they also let interaction between the user with page elements. This is a huge improvement from the old limitations of what you could accomplish before images were uploaded to the world-wide web.

Web sites are increasingly interactive. Page transitions, sliding information panels, and even simple animations are a great way to make your site appear alive, without having to resort back to the ugly look of the 1990s which we all know well. This increased interactivity can drive the traffic to websites that bring in revenues, which can increase the per visit value (RPV).


Companies are trying to keep their website traffic at a high level and avoid having them transferred off-site to other sites, the HTML 5 tag is becoming increasingly becoming popular. There are many platforms that allow you to host video content and even streaming. This has led many companies to consider how they can do this better than YouTube and other third-party providers. These tags can allow the videos of your business to be seamlessly integrated into your website. They also give you an array of choices for players.

Video Backgrounds

With the popularity of video backgrounds, you can leverage the power of video backgrounds to your advantage. This will improve the level of engagement with your customers. Backgrounds with video can boost conversion rates since they offer greater information about a company in a smaller size than conventional images. This makes it simpler for clients to see videos, even if they aren’t able to read text.

Backgrounds with video can be an effective method to boost branding and the amount of people who return. They can be used to promote general goals and certain types of marketing, for instance eCommerce content strategies and video marketing. This can allow you to improve your website’s time to market and increase customer engagement.

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