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One of the most well-known surf shops in the world.

About Us

Double Dutch UK grew out of a true passion and respect for the sport of surfing that has lasted a lifetime. Our core shops are modest and focused completely on the quickly growing and extremely addicting sport of stand up paddleboarding. We exclusively hire persons who have direct experience with the sport and are paddle surfers and paddle boarders.

We not only want our customers to be completely satisfied, but we also want them to become our devoted fans.

Our store provides a welcoming environment for customers to come in and check out the latest SUP products.


Our product lines are hand-picked by and for our clients to deliver the finest overall value and quality, ensuring years of enjoyment on the water. Our objective is to match each person to the appropriate board for their size, skill level, and paddling style. This tailored service ensures that you have the most enjoyable experience possible.

You can always expect a positive experience, high-quality items, knowledgeable and friendly employees, and a decent price.

Our customer service encompasses to our website, and we’d be happy to talk paddle boarding with you at any time.


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Our Mission

The advancement of the developing sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding is still our primary emphasis. The possibilities are boundless with so many newly found channels, and our stores and online shop continue to flourish due to our devoted consumers whom we are now proud to call friends.